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BDGA encourages pet groomers to complete survey

The British Dog Groomers’ Association (BDGA) has asked dog groomers to take part in a survey. The BDGA would like groomers who have completed their City & Guilds 7763 Level 3 Introductory Certificate to indicate whether or not they would like to complete the full City & Guilds 7763 Level 3 Diploma.

The current City & Guilds Level 3 7763 being replaced with the new 7863 Diploma in Dog Grooming. The BDGA is addressing concerns that groomers who have undertaken the 7763 Introductory Certificate may struggle to find a location to do the Level 3 Diploma exam.

This BDGA survey aims to determine whether there are groomers who want to undertake the Diploma. The organisation will learn where they are located and find suitable centres to hold the practical exams.

The BDGA wants to get as many groomers fully qualified to Diploma level, before the opportunity of re-registration for the 7763 closes next year. This survey to ascertain demand and most suitable locations is a vital first step to helping pet groomers complete their City & Guilds 7763 qualification journey.

To compete the survey but its deadline of October 1, go to Groomers don’t need to have taken their 7763 Introductory Certificate with PIF/ BDGA to answer the survey; nor do they have to be BDGA members.

To learn more about pet grooming education and exams go to or call 01234 273933.

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