PetSafe Brand launches ‘innovative’ behavioural training products

Global pet product expert, PetSafe Brand has announced the launch of two new behavioural products for dogs; the PetSafe Spray Bark Collar and the PetSafe Remote Spray Trainer.

Both are “premium training collars” that deliver a light spray to stop unwanted behaviours such as barking or not coming when called.

The PetSafe Spray Bark Collar, which is priced at £80.99/€89.99 features bark detection technology which identifies a dog’s barking and distinguishes it from all other noises, so there are no false corrections, even from those of other dogs.

The pets’ barking noises trigger a sensor which emits a gentle burst of citronella or unscented spray which distracts them and interrupts the unwanted behaviour. The rechargeable, water-resistant collar is easy to use and requires no programming.

The PetSafe Remote Spray Trainer (300 metre), priced at £161.99/€179.99 is for teaching basic commands or correcting unwanted behaviours and features tone, vibration and spray training options to accommodate each pet’s individual training needs.

The waterproof, rechargeable system can be used to teach basic commands including walking without a lead and recall or help manage behaviours such as jumping or digging. Activated by a handheld remote, the collar includes a range of 300 metres for training at longer distances.

Both the PetSafe Spray Bark Collar and PetSafe Remote Spray Trainer are equipped with recyclable citronella and unscented spray refill cartridges. Each refill has 35 to 40 sprays per cartridge and can be bought separately for £13.49 or €14.99. Citronella is a unique scent that most dogs do not normally encounter and both spray options are safe.

Rob Steele, PetSafe Brand marketing manager, said: “Every pet is unique and these new collars enable pet owners to make the best choice based on their needs and their dog’s temperament.

“Training solutions continue to form the core of our product range and we’re excited to be able to share these new additions with consumers – they showcase the very latest technological developments in the training space and underline our commitment to enhancing the relationship between owners and their pets.”

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