TastyBone launches new TastyBrush

Pet product manufacturer, TastyBone has announced the launch of its new TastyBrush. The product has a similar shape to a human toothbrush, with grooves and ridges which aim to scrape and clean teeth. TastyBone says the product will help gums and teeth “become stronger and healthier with every bite, protecting against infections, tooth loss and unnecessary vet fees”.

Available in both Spearmint and Fresh Mint flavours, the TastyBrush is infused with human-grade flavourings in order to give a long-lasting taste. The new product is manufactured from 100% virgin nylon, and the manufacturer claims to have tested the product on “the most vigorous of chewers”.

Camille Ashforth, TastyBone product manager, said: “At TastyBone, we’re always looking to improve and extend our product range. Pets are an important part of the family, and dental hygiene is just as important for dogs as it is for humans.

“The new TastyBrush is an exciting addition to our offering, bursting with delicious flavours and a unique design, they’re sure to keep pets entertained for hours on end whilst providing quality dental care!”

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