New reflective spray launched to ‘save pets’ lives’

Animal lovers are being urged to “spray safe” this winter following the launch of a revolutionary new reflective spray that has set out to help save the lives of thousands of pets.

The Albedo100 spray is highly reflective of headlights during darkness and can be applied to animal fur. Its creators believe it could mark a major breakthrough in safety by making thousands of dogs and horses highly visible to other road users at night.

It utilises cutting edge technology which allows the spray to appear invisible in daylight yet remain weatherproof to ensure effectiveness in heavy rain. It was developed in Sweden but is now available in the UK.

The team behind the new safety spray Albedo100 claim their product could help save thousands of lives by making dogs, horses and their owners and riders much more visible at night.

The spray will appears colourless during the day and is most effective when sprayed on an animal’s coat or fur, ideally on the limbs or moving parts such as the tail and legs. This allows the animals to be reflective even to drivers when their headlights are dipped.

The animal should be sprayed from a distance of approximately 30cm, avoiding the eyes and the face. It can be washed off with water, soap or shampoo and will not affect the fur.

A spokesperson from Albedo100 said: “We believe our product is a major breakthrough in safety which can help prevent accidents involving animals. Anything that makes dogs, walkers and horses and riders safer in the dark is a massive step forward in safety.

“Albedo100 Animal allows owners to spray on to moving parts of their animal which will then be illuminated to those behind the light source when light hits it. The spray works on all animals, although if your pet has thick fur, you are recommended to spray from a greater distance and for a longer period of time. The spray may adhere for up to a week after application.”

They added: “We are excited to be launching this innovative new product in the UK and we are looking forward to making animals and their owners even safer in the dark.”

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