Vets Now opens 60th practice

Vets Now, private providers of pet emergency care in the UK, has opened its 60th practice with the opening of a brand new out-of-hours pet emergency service in Peterborough in August.

Based within Pengelly and Mizen Vets, the out-of-hours clinic treated 62 cases in its first week. The clinic is expected to treat thousands of sick or injured pets during its first year of opening.

Operated by Vets Now, this new emergency service will commonly treat road traffic accidents, severe sickness and diarrhoea, and accidental ingestion and poisonings and will be available to all pet owners in the area when daytime veterinary practices are closed throughout the nights, at weekends and bank holidays.

Vets Now principal vet, Nikolaos Pallas said: “Pet emergencies can happen at any time – including when your regular vet is closed – and time is often of the essence. Our new out-of-hours pet emergency clinic in Peterborough will be a bit like the pet equivalent of A&E and will mean our team of dedicated emergency vets and nurses can continue to provide pets and their owners quick and easy service when they need it most, whether it’s at 4am or in the middle of Sunday lunch.

“The nation’s pet owners increasingly worry about the welfare of their pets – and they are now seen as much more part of the family than ever before. As a rising trend, we’d be more inclined to seek immediate help for out pet if they are sick, no matter the time of day, rather than wait until the next morning when our vet is open.”

The new clinic in Peterborough has created eight new roles. The veterinary team is specially trained in emergency and critical care and work only out of hours, through the night, at weekends and on bank holidays.

Laura Frost, clinical director at Pengelly and Mizzen Vets said: “We’re delighted to have Vets Now open in Peterborough and to have the emergency service operate from within our clinic. We have always been proud to provide overnight care for our patients but now there will be a full emergency veterinary team on-site during the night. The partnership between Vets Now and local veterinary practices like ours will ensure that together we can provide an unparalleled 24/7 service.”

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