Laughing Dog moves to recyclable white trays

Wet dog food producer, Laughing Dog, has announced a move from black to white recyclable trays for its grain free wet complete recipes.

With all its mixer meals already in 100 percent recyclable packaging, moving from black polypropylene trays to white is an important step in the company’s on-going commitment to caring for the environment. Pet owners will now start to see the recyclable white trays on their local stockists’ shelves.

Ben Mankertz, commercial manager, said: “Reducing our carbon footprint is at the heart of everything we do, so we will always ensure we are providing sensible recyclable options. Our grain free treats and mixer meal range is already in recyclable packaging, as are our outer sleeves for the wet food.

Manufacturers can provide recyclable options, but we should all be clear on the fact that not all recycling centres in the UK can cope with them. Recycling targets are set on the basis of tonnes, and plastic is a very light material. Some councils prefer to collect heavier waste than plastic packaging. The good news is that the number of councils offering the collection of various recyclables is increasing steadily.”

He added: “For our customers this is just one of many pieces in the transparency puzzle. We need to look at how we care for the environment in all areas of manufacturing. Recyclability is important, but where is your food being made?

“Where are your ingredients coming from? Our customers are reassured to know that everything we sell is made in Britain, using our own farm-grown ingredients as much as possible. They can even visit our social platforms and see the farm for themselves!”

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