PetLondon launches Taste of America toy range

Pet toy manufacturer PetLondon has launched its new fast food-inspired range of plush toys catering to the new demand of humanised dog toys based on customers’ pastimes and penchants.

PetLondon, spurred from the success of their British toy collection with bestsellers such as Big Ben and the iconic black cab, have taken inspiration from across the pond to conjure up a selection of American fast food staples including a strawberry milkshake, hamburger, french fries and a white and green coffee cup.

The plush coffee cup toy has a soft white material body and green lid with a printed coffee pawprint logo on the front and it retails for £8.99.

The Fast Food gift set combines the hamburger and fries meal. The fries has a red exterior and comes in a classic carton shape, with the fries logo stitched on the front. The fries can be played with individually. The hamburger has different textured materials, to reflect a real hamburger including tomato slices, lettuce leaves and a sesame seed bun. The set retails for £16.99 or £8.99 individually.

The strawberry milkshake comes in a mixer jug shape, has a soft exterior and a whipped cream detail on the top. It also has a multicoloured striped straw and glace cherry; it retails for £8.99.

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