Brand releases ‘world first’ waterless shampoo

Manufacturer of water-free washing brands, Waterless, has released a new vet-approved ‘towel off’ pet shampoo called Nilaqua.

The brand, which has created effective products to wash without water for the military and NHS, has developed this range to include a natural flea and tick repellent.

Nilaqua is gentle enough to be used on cats, dogs and horse. To get it to work, a generous application of the product must be applied to the coat or fur of the animal. It is then massaged to lift the dirt before it turns into a wet and foamy formula. It can then be removed with thorough towel drying.

The pet wash is also endorsed by animal protection organisation Nature Watch Foundation for being cruelty free, is available UK-wide in several chains and is distributed by Trilanco.

Jess Efford, senior hygiene specialist, said: “Using the technology from our deep cleansing, towel off pet shampoo. We have carefully blended natural oils known to repel ticks and fleas. So that not only can you now wash your pet effectively without water or rinsing, you can also deter nasty bugs!”

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