Beco helps HYPS save dogs from ‘death row’

Beco Pets has become the official sponsor of Helping Yorkshire Poundies (HYPS), a rescue centre near Sheffield who save dogs from ‘death row’.

Beco will be providing HYPS all the food, poop bags and toys their tail-wagging tenants need.

At any given time, there are an estimated 100,000 dogs left without homes in the UK. These numbers are above capacity for UK rescue centres and many are euthanised or ‘put to sleep’ because they can’t find a home.

The HYPS volunteers saved 216 dogs from an early end 2017.

The dogs at HYPS rescues are given a spacious room in their kennels and are brought back to full health using Beco’s 100 percent fresh meat recipes. The team of volunteers includes Julia, a behaviourist with a keen interest in nutrition, who helps to make the hounds new-home ready.

Joanne, one of HYPS volunteers, reached out to Beco Pets asking if they would be able to donate a batch of their ethically sourced food.

She said: “Beco’s food provides the best possible nutrition for our residents, to help them get back into tip-top condition whilst they wait for their new homes, and we strongly encourage their new owners to continue with this great diet.”

When the Beco team learnt more about HYPS it offered an on-going food supply for all the rescues.

Toby Freeman, who headed up the sponsorship for Beco, said: “I spoke to Joanne and she explained what HYPS do and why they do it. Immediately, we knew we had to help this fantastic cause.’.

Joanne added: “HYPS are absolutely delighted to be sponsored by Beco Pets. The majority of our dogs have had a poor start to life, and the first step to getting them healthy and happy is good nutrition, so we are so happy to be given the opportunity to feed our dog’s such great food! High-quality food is so important to the health and well-being of dogs, and we see first-hand the difference it can make.”

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