Mayhew rescues 18 stray dogs on a US marine base in Georgia

Animal rescue charity Mayhew has announced it has rescued 18 dogs living on a US marine base in Georgia.

The dogs were brought to Mayhew’s attention after they were spotted by one of the marines stationed at the base, who was also fostering for Dog Organisation Georgia (DOG).

The dogs were brought to New Vet Clinic in Tbilisi, where they neutered several animals as well as administering vaccinations and parasite treatments. Over two days, the marines helped bring the dogs into the clinic and transport them back to base.

Mayhew-trained vet, Dr Dato, said in a statement: “I am grateful that DOG and Mayhew exist because they are first of all thinking about welfare of the population, and then everything else.

“I think it is also the only programme in Georgia that provides the complex vaccination against different infectious diseases as well as rabies, which is amazing and proves again that it’s for the animals first of all.”

Dr Ana, another Mayhew vet, added: “Dato and I are delighted and proud to be helping DOG and Mayhew as it is very important to control the stray population and help animals in need.

“With DOG, Mayhew and the Free Agrarian University Clinic, we are part of this big plan that needs to be achieved. I am sure one day I will find myself walking in the street proud, as I will be seeing with my own eyes how much we have all contributed.”

The current marines who assisted Mayhew are close to heading home, but a new one is set to arrive soon and will pick up the duty of caring for the dogs.

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