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Butcher’s Pet Care rebrands packaging

Butcher’s Pet Care has introduced new packaging and digital communications.

The canned dog food brand has introduced new on pack and digital communications to better help people to understand Butcher’s use of ingredients to give dogs the nourishing food they would instinctively choose.

Every recipe is grain free with the exception of a few specially designed ‘sensitive’ products that use wholegrain rice.

The new simple, modern blue design, revealed at Crufts 2018, focuses on the company’s farm to bowl ethos and ingredient benefits. The new packs better communicate the company’s heritage in farming and it’s passion for ingredients.

Rachel Collinson, general manager for food for dogs at Butcher’s Pet Care, says: “At Crufts last year, we were lucky to meet many of our loyal shoppers and were totally blown away with the passion people showed for our products.

“Our recipes contain everything a dog needs, and nothing it doesn’t. Dogs have different nutritional needs to us, naturally preferring nutrient rich offal, liver and tripe that we humans typically shy away from. That’s why our recipes use these super food ingredients, all carefully sourced from 100 percent British and Irish farms.”

Collinson adds: “Butcher’s has always done the best by dogs in terms of their ingredients, but shoppers told us it was time to update our look and shout about the great things we do.”

The updated range is starting to roll out on shelf now.

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