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Appeal launched after spate of cat poisonings

The RSPCA is appealing for information after a number of cat deaths as a result of poisonings in Cumbria.

Two cats – Smudge and Bruno – who were both owned by Dawn Milburn of Moorgarth, Swarthmoor, Ulverston were found dead five days apart in September (9 and 13).

A third cat, thought to be a stray who was being fed by Dawn, hasn’t been seen since the beginning of December.

Dawn said: “Smudge was found first, in my next door neighbour’s garden.

“She was my 11 year old son Joshua’s favourite cat and he had to have time of school he was so devastated.

“Vets confirmed she was poisoned. She had prawns in her stomach and we believe the prawns were laced with it.

“She was born with us and was seven years old.

“Bruno had three legs after being hit by a car and having to have one amputated. He was brought home in a carrier bag after being found dead by another neighbour five days later.

“He was my older son’s favourite cat. Again he was born with us and was coming up 12 years old.”

The cats were both found to have a highly toxic substance called Bendiocarb in their system, which is used as an insecticide, and it’s believed they were deliberately, rather than accidently, poisoned.

The RSPCA also had a report of two cats dying as a result of poisoning less than a mile and a half away in November.

RSPCA inspector Malwina Gasiorek said: “I am extremely concerned about these incidents and want to hear from anyone with any specific information about them.

“I also want to remind people that deliberately poisoning cats causes extreme and unnecessary suffering for which there can be absolutely no excuse.

“It is illegal and carries a maximum sentence currently of six months in prison and/or an unlimited fine. Where we have the evidence to do so we will bring people who do so before a court.”

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