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£10.6m spent of pet dogs every year

The average cost of owning a dog from puppy age is between £21,000 to £33,000 during its lifetime, according to online veterinary pharmacy, Vet-Medic.

The online platform found that 24 percent of people in the UK own at least one dog, with 83 percent considering their dog as their best friend.

As the prolific household pet, 25 percent of dog owners admit to throwing their dog a birthday party and one in three will buy them a birthday cake.

The UK spend on pet dogs each year is an estimated £10.6 million.

The team at Vet-Medic has broken down the average amount spent on dogs and exactly what it is spent on.

Vet-Medic are hoping to not only highlight the average costs of owning dogs, but help dog owners to make more informed financial decisions about their pet care.

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