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Two dogs die during PetSmart grooming session

A PetSmart centre in New Jersey is being investigated after two dogs died and a third was injured when they were dropped off for grooming appointments during an eight-day period.

The three dogs had been taken to the Flemington pet store between 22 and 29 December 2017.

Danielle DiNapoli told NJ Advanced Media that she dropped her healthy eight-year-old bulldog Scruffles off for a grooming session. The dog died an hour later.

DiNapoli said she has not been told how her dog died and she is awaiting a necropsy.

DiNapoli told the publication: “I was in shock. You know, you expect to see your dog happy and healthy and groomed, and I got a dead dog.”

She shared the story on Facebook by creating a Justice For Scruffles page, prompting others to share their similar experiences with the pet store chain.

Tara Fiet and David Bolduc revealed that they had also taken their dogs to the same PetSmart during the eight-day period. Fiet’s dog had died on Christmas eve, two days after his session and Bolduc’s suffered a back injury.

Bolduc, who took his shih tzu to the store on 22 December, said he was asked to pick up his dog after it tried to bite a groomer. Claiming that biting was out of character for his pet, Bolduc noticed that the dog was in pain, arching its back to keep weight off his hind legs.

The dog was taken to the vet and administered steroids but PetSmart have claimed that nothing happened to the dog.

PetSmart is now conducting its own investigation into the incidents and the NJ Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is also looking into it to determine if criminal charges need to be made.

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