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Benyfit launch new limited edition Christmas recipe

Benyfit Natural has launched a limited edition ‘Turkey Christmas Dinner’ which will be available from November 2017.

The recipe uses the highest quality fresh free range turkey crown. The ‘Turkey Christmas Dinner’ also contains a mix of seasonal vegetables, including parsnips and Brussels sprouts.

Parsnips are help boost a dog’s metabolism and keep their general nervous system strong. To help build up the strength of a dog’s bones and protect their heart, the company has added Brussels sprouts, which are high in vitamin K.

These vegetables are complemented by the sweetness of cranberries.

Still including all the essentials to make it a complete and nutritionally balanced meal, this product is tailored especially for the Christmas season.

All ingredients are human grade and sourced within the UK. ‘Turkey Christmas Dinner’ contains; 80 percent meat, bone and offal, 20 percent vegetables and botanicals.

‘Turkey Christmas Dinner’ will be packaged in 500g biodegradable containers.

The product will be available to purchase starting this November.

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