BSAVA launches rolling ‘stepped’ CPD programme

From 2018, the British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA) will help vets and vet nurses to build individual CPD programmes to match every stage of their career and expertise.

A new rolling schedule of three proficiency ‘steps’ will be introduced to allow veterinary professionals to choose the most appropriate level and area of CPD training.

Building skills

Alongside the clinical training, there will be opportunities to develop a wider range of skills, including management and leadership, team building and dispensing.

  • ‘First steps in…’ courses focus on new or recent graduates, or those new to smallanimal practice.
  • ‘Developing confidence in…’ courses are intended for vet surgeons with existing baseline knowledge and experience in the subject area, who wish to gain further confidence, refresh and develop their skills or return to practice after a career break.
  • ‘Enhancing proficiency in…’ courses are for vet surgeons working towards or at the level of advanced practitioner, perhaps wishing to consider recent advances and refine application of these skills in practice.

BSAVA Academic Director Frances Barr said: “One of the biggest issues for veterinary professionals has always been a lack of clear career structure, so this new rolling CPD programme addresses that with unprecedented, tailored and flexible support for all stages of an individual’s career, while allowing people to explore their own development pathway.

“BSAVA is here to help right from the start, from students through to taking the first steps into practice and trying something for the first time, to progressing to an advanced level and honing your expert skills, to building skills as a team or gaining valuable insight on the latest advances in an area, or even returning to practice after a career break.”

Derek Attride, BSAVA Education Committee Chair, said: “The new rolling programme allows you to plan your CPD over several years, so you can aim to progress up the levels as your skill and confidence develop. Practices can plan CPD for all their staff and as courses are run at every stage each year, minimal disruption is caused to the running of the practice.”

Marina Crockford, BSAVA Education Committee added: “Often day courses attempt to be ‘all things to all vets’, starting at the ground level of a subject and building up through the day to recent advances and more in-depth coverage near to ‘going home’ time, so it is great to see BSAVA acknowledging the needs of the more experienced veterinary surgeon by offering the new ‘Enhancing Proficiency in….’ day courses from next year.

“To have days dedicated to each level should allow everyone to pitch their CPD attendance at a level that is appropriate for their needs, making BSAVA the ‘go to’ provider for veterinary CPD needs at all stages of our careers.”

The rolling CPD training starts in 2018. Topic titles will change each year, the level of skills and experience courses are aimed at will stay the same. To find out more, visit:

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