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Four-week old stingray welcomed at Blackpool

SEA LIFE Blackpool has welcomed its first four-week old Blue Spotted Ribbontail Stingray to the centre in a bid to help with conservation of the protected species.

Blue Spotted Ribbontail Stingrays, whose natural habitat is shallow lagoons and reef flats, can grow up to 70cm in length and have two venomous spines on the base of their tails.

The species is under threat due to the home aquarium industry and bycatch from fisheries, so SEA LIFE has launched a global centre-wide programme to help support conversation and breeding.

Jenn McDonough, general manager of SEA LIFE Blackpool, said: “Our little Blue Spotted Ribbontail is settling into his new home and doing really well. As a protected species, we will be doing everything we can to help protect these creatures.

“We are all very excited as this is our first breeding of stingrays of this type and their spots are a stunning feature which our visitors will find fascinating. Our baby ray is yet to be named, so we’ve launched a competition across our social media channels to find the perfect name.”

To vote for a name for the new stingray, visit on Facebook or @SEALIFEcentre on Twitter.


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