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New Carnilove dry cat food

Carnilove has launched a brand new dry cat food that features up to 75 percent meats of wild-origin combined with forest fruits, vegetables and herbs.

No grains, no potato, no chemical substances or artificial additives are used within the new food.

The unconventional sources of protein in Carnilove such as pheasant, reindeer, wild boar, duck, lamb, salmon and turkey are rich in nutrients, unsaturated fatty acids and amino acids all of which help the muscles and tissues.

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Fruit, vegetables and herbs are ideal supplements providing essential nutrients, fibre, vitamins and natural antioxidants and promote urinary tract health.

Crustacean shells and cartilage extract support condition and mobility of the joints, tendons and ligaments whilst chicory root and sea algae have a positive impact on overall health and immunity.

The product is available in six flavours and in bag sizes of 400g and 2kg.


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