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Lost cat rescued from the Victoria Line

Lucky the cat has been discovered in the London Underground three days after escaping from her owner’s cat carrier.

The pet disappeared at Green Park Underground Station on June 5. She was spotted chasing a mouse on the tracks of the Victoria Line by a Transport for London worker in the early hours of June 10.

Lucky’s owner, Lucy Duff, worked with RSPCA Animal Collection Officer Sian Ridley and Transport for London staff to track her down.

RSPCA Animal Collection Officer Sian Ridley said: “She is definitely Lucky by name and lucky by nature as she had been stuck down that tunnel for three days. Anything could’ve happened to her.

“Lucky is doing really well. When I collected her from the tube station she was very dirty and a bit dehydrated but considering her ordeal she is very active and affectionate.

“I took her along to RSPCA Putney Animal Hospital where vets checked her over.

“It is so wonderful that Lucky has now been reunited with her owner, Lucy.”

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