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OASE launch new external aquarium filter

OASE has announced a brand new external aquarium filter, the BioMaster 250-600.


Ranging from 250L to 600L, it can be suitable for most aquariums. Not only can this external filter be conveniently concealed in the aquariums cabinet but it is also extremely easy to clean and maintain.


The prefilter can be solely removed to rinse out and then re-insert, with an automatic shut off and safety locking mechanism to prevent water from escaping. Due to this unique design, the filter media can break down the biological waste more efficiently, whilst extending the interval between each thorough filter clean. For optimal temperature levels, the BioMaster is available with or without integrated HeatUp adjustable heater. The BioMaster Includes filter media, hoses, adapter, intake and outlet tube as well as a water diffuser for quick installation.


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