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New ACANA Heritage range

Champion Petfoods has revealed its new ACANA Heritage range.

ACANA Heritage replaces the ACANA Classics, with product names and colour coded bags unchanged but with more meat, more fresh meat, no grain, potato or starch and the need for only one added zinc supplement. The only name change in the range is Chicken & Burbank Potato which becomes Cobb Chicken & Greens.

ACANA Heritage has 60-75 percent meat inclusions all from animals passed fit for human consumption. One third of the meat is fresh whilst the other two thirds have been dried to provide a strong natural source of protein.  

There are now three fresh meats, all sourced local to the kitchens of Champion Petfoods. These include free-run chicken and eggs from prairie farms and wild-caught flounder from Vancouver Island. All recipes are now prepared in whole prey ratios of meat, organs and cartilage to deliver nutrients naturally without the need for supplements.

ACANA Heritage is carbohydrate limited and grain-free. Low-glycaemic Alberta Oats have been replaced with lentils and locally grown field peas. No high-glycaemic carbohydrates such as potato, tapioca or starches are included – ACANA Heritage has a low glycaemic load at less than GL 9.

ACANA Heritage includes 12 fresh and locally grown fruits and vegetables including pumpkin and squash (for digestive health) together with British Columbian local grown botanicals. Fresh liver, freeze-dried, is added for natural palatability and, because the whole prey inclusions supply nutrients naturally, the only added supplement is zinc.

ACANA Heritage will be available in bag sizes 11.4kg, 6kg, 2kg and 340g. It will be available in the UK & Ireland from early March 2016. For more information please contact Bern Pet Foods on 01737 767679 or email

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