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90 percent of dogs use the garden as a toileting area

Dog Rocks’ recent survey has revealed that 96 percent of dogs have access to a garden and 90 percent use the garden as one of the main areas to urinate.

The company, which produces a natural prevention product for curing unsightly urine burn marks on lawns, commissioned the survey to increase understanding of the impact pet urine has on owners’ gardens.

Overall, 237 dog owners across the UK and USA took part in the survey, owning approximately 380 dogs in total. Dog Rocks found the results showed that owners notice the impact dog’s toilet habits have on their homes and gardens.

The survey revealed that 85 percent of dog owners currently experience urine burns in their garden and 75 percent use a preventative for urine burns on their lawn and shrubs. Dog Rocks was most popular urine burn preventative product used by those who took the survey.


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