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Number of missing gundogs continues to rise

Recent figures show that the number of gundogs going missing has risen again by a further 14 percent in 2015 from 2014.

DogLost, the UK’s largest lost and found dog service produced a study which has been highlighted by the Pet Theft Awareness organisation who is promoting its third annual Gundog Theft Awareness Week.

The week will also be used to highlight the e-petition asking for scanning legislation to coincide with compulsory microchip scanning legislation. In April 2016 it will be law to have all dogs microchipped but if a dog should go missing or be stolen and subsequently found then it will not be law for a vet, rescue centre or a local authority to have to scan a dog and return it to the owner.

Arnot Wilson, director of the Dog Union and co-founder of Pet Theft Awareness told the Gloucester Citizen: “Our research tells us that 94 percent of dog owners believe their dog will be scanned if found but this a myth. The only way to get dogs scanned dead or alive is to make it law. The scanning petition has now over 37,000 signatures and legislation is an obvious way to help reunite missing and stolen pets or working dogs.”

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