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Scottish pet store target of robbery

A Scottish pet store has been the target of a robbery, which saw three leopard geckos, a fan footed gecko, two orchid mantis, and fifteen tortoises taken from the premises. 

The owner of The Fin Room, which is located in Motherwell, confirmed the break-in via Facebook, adding that the incident had taken place on Saturday (12 December). Their post revealed that the criminals had “trashed out the reptile room and broken the window”. 

Store security footage has reportedly caught two men on camera that they believe carried out the crime, according to the business, who handed the tapes over to local police. 

The owner said: “We urge anyone who has or knows someone has tortoises this weekend not from a shop please get in contact with police or myself, as these could be the stolen tortoises. 

“I always believe in karma you do bad you get bad back and its not worth it, keep yourself right and do the right thing.”

They added: “These babies were loved and had good homes to go to with their new families. I pray these people do the right thing. We are open and trying our best to keep things going. Thanks for all the messages and calls of support”.

Pet Gazette has contacted The Fin Room for comment.

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