Cat shot for the second time in two years

Are the UK’s gun laws tough enough? In comparison to the USA, our country seems to have a relieving lack of gun-related crime. However, a rifle may have been used to inflict horrific cruelty on an animal.

The Eastbourne Herald has reported the shooting of family pet. The three-year old cat, which is named after action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger, has been harmed twice in two years.

Earlier this month, Arnold dragged himself home to Barnham after a bullet entered his chest, shattered his shoulder and ricocheted into his right leg. His owners took him to a vet who was forced to amputate the limb. The injury is believed to have been caused by a hunting rifle.

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Leah and Allen Elphick told their local paper that this is the second time their pet has been shot. A previous incident took place two years ago when a bullet was found to have passed straight through Arnold.

The owners have expressed fears that the shooting may be deliberate. Speaking to the Eastbourne Herald, Allen Elphick described the unknown shooter as “irresponsible” and said “that person shouldn’t be allowed to have a licence.”

Few animal-lovers would disagree with Arnold’s owner’s statement. Anyone who would harm a family pet in this manner clearly is not a responsible gun owner. As the shooter remains unidentified, it seems that the police will be unable to take action. All we can do is to call for licences to be denied if would-be gun owners present any threat not only to people but also to pets.




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