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Exhibition birds are being stolen at an alarming rate

In the last two years thefts of exhibition birds have hit a record number and experts are warning it will only continue if breeders don’t increase security.

Following a new report from the National Theft Register it has come to light that these “top quality birds are targeted specifically by the thieves” according to John Hayward the co-ordinator for exotic species.

“Historically the main target of the thieves has always been the more exotic and rare big parrot species but in the last two or three years we’ve noticed and recorded a new trend where exhibition budgies, canaries and finches are being stolen.

“Arguably we have some of the best breeders and very often they are people who have been breeding birds all their life they’ve developed certain colours and patterns for top exhibition shows.”

John Hayward believes the birds are being sold onto the black market and shipped abroad, “We’ve had so much substantial theft with, thousands of birds valued at hundreds of pounds and none of these birds are surfacing or coming to light in this country.

“There are ways to deter thieves though such as CCTV, alarms, lights and many other security items. John commented: “All bird breeders must keep up their security because these birds are being taken from highly vulnerable areas like external aviaries and bird houses. Its so easy for these birds to be targeting because the birds are taken to shows to exhibit and then the owner is followed home.

“This is an ongoing series of thefts which involve highly skilled people so breeders must increase security, as evidence is needed to assist the police in their investigations.”

Image:credit to Anna saccheri

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