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Nearly half of UK cats are not microchipped

Only 4.1m of the UK’s 7.4m owned cats are microchipped, according to a recent announcement by Cats Protection. The charity released the findings after carrying out a joint survey with the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association.

The results coincide with National Microchipping Month this June. The research, which covered regional variations, discovered that Scottish cats were least likely to be microchipped (at only 32 percent) while 69 percent of those in the South East have already undergone the procedure.

‘This National Microchipping Month we’re urging people to put the safety of their pet first and get them chipped,’ said Karen Thompson, deputy manager at Cats Protection’s national adoption centre. ‘The procedure is simple, relatively painless and essential to ensure the ongoing welfare of a family pet. The cost is minimal but the joy felt by an owner when their pet is found is priceless.’

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