Overseas Pet Product Buyers Meet British Suppliers

Gardenex and PetQuip associations’ latest ‘Meet the Buyers’ event takes place on June 17th 2015 in Brasted near Sevenoaks. The meeting aims to introduce international pet and garden product buyers to British suppliers.

Following recent ‘Meet the Buyers’ events, one buyer stated that his company is expecting to do business with thirteen of the fifteen suppliers met during the day. Another buyer said that his company was now purchasing from four of the British companies that had presented their products and that they were in negotiation with another five suppliers.

A British supplier said that as a result of the last event it was supplying wholesalers in Denmark and Romania. Another supplier confirmed that participation in the events had repaid the time and effort many times over.

Pet product buyers participating in this June’s event include Musti ja Mirri Oy, the leading pet chain in Finland with 109 pet shops, around half of which are franchised. Azan sp.j. the exclusive distributor in Poland for Vafo Brit, the internationally-known Czech producer of premium/super-premium dry food for dogs and cats, will also be in attendance.

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