Order fulfilment house launches new service for pet trade

E-commerce fulfilment specialist James and James has launched a new service for the pet care sector in response to pet owners increasing use of the internet.

Operations director James Hyde says: “Online orders for pet care and pet supplements is a fast growing sector for us and we have addressed the demand for specialist pet care fulfilment services.”

James and James warehouse and despatch orders for their client’s online shops and it now has the ability to track best before end dates and individual batches, something that is crucial for these types of products.  

All orders will be despatched in strict date order based on their best before dates (which are logged in the system upon arrival) and not the date the stock was booked into the warehouse. The process is fully automatic, batches and best before dates are linked, so it is fast and easy to ensure specific best before dates can be picked for those major trade clients who demand longer shelf life.

James and James offer storage and real-time order processing, with live reporting and integration with shopping carts and couriers. Clients can login and view an order from purchase right through to delivery and even to see who signed for it – all updated as it happens. The system’s database also holds and displays every last detail of the fulfilment process, from images of every product and case, through to the operator who last touched it. 

The company says that this gives clients a competitive advantage when it comes to stock control, customer service and, essentially, their reputation. By ensuring better stock rotation and automated alerting of potential issues before they happen, the company believes it is helping businesses to reduce costs and increase margins.”

As part of the launch of these new services, James and James is also re-branding its image. Technical director James Strachan said: “The new identity communicates that we are serious about who we are, what we do and why we are doing it. We’re not just another fulfilment company, it’s a different way of thinking. Crucially these new features are very important for our pet care and supplement clients – we’re seeing their industry getting a lot more competitive.”

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