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Families with pets have happier children, research suggests

Research has indicated that households with pets produce happier, healthier children with greater responsibility.

Some experts have shown the benefits pets can have on a child’s development, such as learning how to care for an animal and understanding the responsibility involved. It is also said that pets can help children learn about companionship and how to deal with times of trouble or illness.

Mark Singleton of, the site behind the research, said: “Pets never offer criticism and don’t order children about. Having a dog, cat, or small animal around the house really does offer children security and friendship.

“Pets can also help calm aggressive or overly active children, we’ve found. There are huge rewards to be had for a young person teaching their dog a new trick or earning the trust of their new pet cat.

“A pet in the family is a genuine recipe for success if both parents and children treat it with care and responsibility.

“Both parents and children can benefit from having a pet; they are a source of stimulation for brain and body, and a huge source of happiness.”

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