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Bayer confirms order of microscopes from ioLight

Bayer plc has announced the purchase of ten ioLight microscopes for its practice support advisors.

The ioLight microscope is the first professional quality pocket digital microscope.

It is a laboratory grade microscope that fits in a jacket pocket, is simple to use and robust.

It unfolds quickly to record and share 5MP still images and real time HD video on a tablet or phone.

The Practice Support Advisors from Bayer are veterinary nurses who carry the compact ioLight microscopes in their bags.

They will always be ready to show customers how much damage parasites can do to pets and farm animals unless they are properly treated with Advocate®, Baycox® and other Bayer products.

Christopher Chick, National Sales, key account manager at Bayer says: “Using the ioLight microscope gives our customers a clear and immediate insight into how much damage these parasites can cause and how Bayer’s Animal Health products can prevent and treat these conditions.”

Chris Bisson, policy development manager at the Eden Project, says “Here at the Eden Project we have used the ioLight Digital Microscope for a wide range of activities, from investigating plant diseases to demonstrating the microscopic world of pond water to school children.

“It’s really easy to use and has been brilliant for enthusing both children and adults in the microscopic world around us.”


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