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Ceva launches new antimicrobial guide

Ceva Animal Health has launched a new practical guide on the use of antimicrobials.

GRAM(Guidance for the Rational use of AntiMicrobials), promises to be a practical, easy-to-use guide on the rational use of antimicrobials in dogs and cats.

A new reference for best practice, GRAM is a comprehensive 500-page guide written by a panel of 10 independent European experts from the fields of microbiology, pharmacology and dermatology, all of whom are specialists in internal medicine, surgery and epidemiology.

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Based on rational use with compliance at the forefront, GRAM provides tools for improved diagnosis and positive treatment outcomes.

It consists of 37 disease fact sheets, 29 practical recommendations and six reference synopses and the guide features a wide-range of topics including: ‘which therapeutic approach is recommended while awaiting results’, ‘how to deal with multidrug resistant infections’ and ‘how can the development of resistance be limited when using antibiotics (timing, dosage, duration)’.

“Antimicrobial resistance continues to be a concern in both human and animal health,” comments Andy Forsyth, senior technical veterinary advisor at Ceva Animal Health.  “GRAM will help educate veterinary professionals on how they can play their part in creating sustainable antibiotic use.”

To request a copy of GRAM or for further information on sustainable antibiotic use, contact your local Ceva Animal Health territory manager.

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