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New mobile vet practice solution launched

A mobile vet practice solution has launched into the industry.

Pawsquad enables vets to easily set-up and manage their own mobile vet practice, taking control of their time and hours as an independent professional

Pet owners can also use a dedicated 24/7 video conferencing and text service – providing them with one solution for all their vet care needs

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London, UK: PawSquad is the startup revolutionising the UK’s £2.1bn pet industry with its end-to-end veterinary service, available through a single app.

In addition to its virtual consultations and text service, the company now enables pet owners to book a dedicated local professional vet to visit their home – making pet healthcare more convenient, accessible and stress free for all its customers, regardless of species.

Francesco Cardoletti, Co-Founder of PawSquad, commented “Though we power our business through technology, our focus is on enabling relationships and great care that can take place offline.

“Far too many pet owners avoid or put off taking their pet to the vet, because of the incredible stress it puts on the animal.

“The response we’ve seen from owners to having access to a vet from the comfort of their home, where the pet is more relaxed, has been overwhelming.

“Our consultation times are 30-40 minutes to allow for questions, and medications are delivered to their door. It’s just much more convenient for both pet and owner.”

Aside from its consumer facing app and advantages to pet owners, the company has created a new way for veterinary professionals to go independent and take control of their time.

In an industry where setting up your own practice remains a dream for many due to cost, PawSquad has developed a platform to set-up and manage a ‘practice on wheels’.

Vets are given all the digital tools needed to run their business including payment and scheduling, medication and supply procurement, clinical support and marketing.

Partner clinics are in place to support any pets that need further treatment that cannot be administered at home, and video calls and messaging allow vets to best manage their patients and time.

Cardoletti added: “PawSquad is empowering hundreds of vets to run their own local vet service without any of the overheads, helping them earn more, and at the same time provide a better and more personal service to owners.

“Another great benefit for vets is the ability to determine their hours – so vets who have become Mums (or Dads) can easily work part-time or job share with another vet, and those looking to decrease their hours later in the career can do so with ease.”

Andrew Ash, past president of the British Small Animal Vet Association, and advisor to PawSquad, says: “PawSquad has taken us back to a time when the local vet was an integrated part of the community. It’s that family doctor relationship, where both the vet and the pet owner experience a much more personal level of care.

“In recent years, we’ve seen huge changes to the veterinary industry, which means that vets are often under pressure and get less quality time with owners. With PawSquad, vets have more time with owners and can build long term relationships that benefit everyone involved.“

Martha commented: “As a vet working in a clinic the hours, and out-of-hours duties, can be quite restrictive. The finances and business know how required to start a physical clinic are beyond the reach of many vets my age, and you sometimes even see or hear of vets who have left the profession in order to reclaim a life.

“It can be very demanding, and as you get older and want a family, this can take a toll on some people. PawSquad has been a revelation – it has made such a huge impact on my life. Now I have an incredible balance. I’m able to do the work I love and spend time with my family.”

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