Nutravet launches new product for animal health range

Nutravet is launching a new product, Nutramarin+, to its exclusive veterinary animal health range.

According to the animal healthcare brand, Nutramarin+ is an “advanced, fast acting” triple action formula to support and maintain healthy liver function in both dogs and cats.

Following the launch of Nutramarin earlier this year, Nutramarin+ provides pets with high strength double enteric coated sprinkle capsules, which allow for easier administration for animals.

The triple action formula is designed to support optimal liver health by increasing the natural antioxidant levels required by the liver to maximise liver detoxification, aid the natural systems that control inflammation and help reduce free radicals.

Matthew Shaw, managing director of Nutravet said: “Nutramarin has received excellent feedback since its launch in March.

“Following feedback from practices and pet owners we have launched Nutramarin+ which are easy to administer sprinkle capsules.”

He added: “Nutramarin+ gives pet owners a veterinary strength product that allows them to support their pet’s liver health in an easier to administer form.”

Nutramarin+ is available to order directly from Nutravet authorised veterinary practices and is manufactured with minimal environmental impact and sustainability in mind and is sold in packaging made from 100% recycled materials.

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