Catipilla plans for further growth

Catipilla, a luxury cat furniture business based in Wales, has unveiled a new UK manufacturing partner, and announced it will undertake an “exciting product redesign” in 2020.

It comes as the brand said it has “followed an impressive growth trajectory” since its launch. Most recently, it experienced monthly year-on-year growth of over 250% in April, May and June, while the second quarter of 2020 also welcomed the highest income since the company began trading in 2016.

The group currently has orders received from 15 countries worldwide, including the USA, Germany, France, Australia and New Zealand. 

Its established global partnerships now include IAMS, Etsy, Google and Amazon. It is also endorsed by International Cat Care. 

Having secured external investment from a Business Angel in 2019, it now plans to raise equity investment to fuel its growth plans with Crowdcube from September 2020.

All products are developed in partnership with vets, cat charities and feline experts, using “innovative engineering, high-quality production and beautiful design”.  

Its entire range is designed, manufactured and assembled in the UK from 85% recycled materials. The Catipilla range now extends to scratchers and accessories, and will soon include a new cat Teepee. 

Catipilla founder and CEO, Andy Sutton, said: “Catipilla products are made by cat lovers for cat lovers. It all started when our own cat, Smudge, couldn’t jump through the window. 

“As an engineer, I am always looking for solutions to common household problems, so I built her a wooden ramp.” 

He added: “Multiple visitors asked me to build a ramp for their cat, and we realised that there are a lot of cats out there who need our help. 

“Our mission is to satisfy a cat’s innate instincts – to roam, climb and explore – while keeping our feline friends happy, healthy, stimulated and safe in, and around, the home.”

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