Pet Panion launches app for vets amid coronavirus pandemic

Pet Panion has launched a free-to-download app to help vets struggling to cope with emergency veterinary care provision with just a skeleton staff.

Amidst reports of vets facing abuse when clinics are closed, Pet Panion puts a pet’s medical records in the owner’s hands – enables a practice to easily share emergency care provision with fellow professionals locally.  

Temporary veterinary clinic closures and a provision of care for just emergency cases, urgent prescription fulfilment and cases escalated after triaging, have created an “unprecedented situation”.  

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The BVA said: “We urge neighbouring practices to work together to ensure full geographical cover for emergency veterinary services.  We are asking practices, at this difficult time, to put aside commercial interests to support one another and ensure that, on returning to normal provision, clients are retained by their original practice.

“Remote consultations – of the kind PetPanion will facilitate once vets join its care umbrella – have also been recommended. Use technology to triage or consult wherever possible. Consider remote prescribing in line with RCVS guidance.”

The Pet Panion service has been developed in conjunction with Dr Peggy Middlemiss, a vet with 21 years’ experience, working in both France and the UK.  She shares the same values and desire to extend human health and wellbeing values to pets as PetPanion’s founder, Qian Huang

Huang added: “Vets should be taking advantage of our App’s functionality, to ease the pressures on individual clinics and earn an income. All they need do is ask their clients to register and then release the registered pet’s records.  

“The virtuous circle via the technology exists; pet owners and vets just need to use it and collaborate for better pet care in these unprecedented times.”

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