AMTRA welcomes changes to animal medication amid coronavirus pandemic

AMTRA (the Animal Medicines Training Regulatory Authority) has welcomed changes to the way certain animal medicines can be prescribed during the coronavirus pandemic.

The new policy, effective immediately, allows registered animal medicine advisors (RAMAs or SQOs) to remotely prescribe and authorise the supply of animal medicines such as flea treatments, flukicides and wormers.

In the current period, RAMAs will be allowed to prescribe and authorise supply remotely, provided the following procedures are observed. 

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The RAMA is still responsible for the prescription and supply and therefore must, be the person that has the conversation/consultation with the animal owner, be the person that makes the prescribing decision and be satisfied that the person handing over or dispatching the prescribed product is competent to do so.

The RAMA must then instruct (in writing or orally) the person at the premises from which the physical supply is to be made (normally authorised premises) to hand over or dispatch the specific medicine that the RAMA has prescribed.

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