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Brits spending more on pets than ever, research reveals

Brits are spending more on their pets than ever, according to Argos Petcare.

Petcare sales at Argos soared by 70% in just five years, with sales this January up an extraordinary 19% on the same month in 2019.

 Argos attributed the rise of the ‘petfluencer’ for the rise in the trend, pets with social media followers.

According to the high street retailer, smart tech products such as trackers that tell owners when their pet has left they’re ‘safe zone’ and controlled feeders to help with weight management are some of the most purchased products.

Ben Carter, Petcare buyer at Argos, said: “When it comes to our pets, it increasingly seems as though nothing is too much: we want to give our pets the luxuries we would normally lavish on our children, whether that’s smart pet tech that taps into the wellness trend, or simply through pampering them with next-level comfort.

“Sales of petcare products have soared over the past five years as Brits have upgraded the experience of owning a pet into a fully-fledged lifestyle that they celebrate on social media, becoming the pup-parazzi for their coddled canines.”

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