Natural Instinct partners with Oxfordshire rescue charity

Raw pet food brand, Natural Instinct, has announced its new partnership with Oxfordshire Lowland Search and Rescue, as it sponsors two fully trained and operational air scenting search rescue dogs.

The specialist raw pet food brand, which features a Working Dog Food range, will supply local dogs, Beau and Rip, with all the raw meals they need for an initial period of six months.

 Oxfordshire Search and Rescue is a member unit of Lowland Rescue, which sets governing standards for its 36 teams, and is a member of the UK Government’s UKSAR Operator’s Group – the official group which governs all of the UK’s onshore and offshore search and rescue operations.  

 Rachel Kirby, a spokesperson for Natural Instinct, said: “We are delighted to be sponsoring Oxfordshire Lowland Search and Rescue and the incredible Beau and Rip.

“When we visited the charity, we saw live demonstrations with the search and rescue dogs, chatted with some of the volunteers and listened to their inspiring experiences of past search and rescue cases.”

She added: “We left feeling utterly amazed by the charity, the volunteers and dogs who help to make the work possible. At Natural Instinct, we’re passionate about giving back to the local community and really hope this new partnership will last for years to come.”

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