All About Pet Health announces plans for expansion

All About Pet Health in Kent has announced plans for expansion to become the “largest private label manufacturer for health supplements and pet aids in Europe.”

The manufacturer, which currently distributes Overby Farm supplements and pet aids, is set to offer clients their its own white label range targeting pet food manufacturers, large pet shop chains and smaller multiple independent shops in particular with their products.

All About Pet Health was founded in 2010 by Daniel McKenzie, who is now responsible for the day-to-day running of the business, predominantly focusing on the sales side.

McKenzie said: “Being part of a larger group, Garmon Corp. who is the largest privately owned manufacturer of pet health products in North America enables us to be competitive on pricing, product range, innovation and customer service

“We cover all of Europe targeting a potential customer base of about 300 million people and selling mostly business to business. We are building our range all the time and we are currently working on a new line of hemp products which like all our other products, are shipped directly from our factory in the USA. “

He added: “Our product range is very comprehensive and many items are what we call ‘problem solvers’ so are niche but very highly rated to solve problems like ‘carpet scooting’, chewing carpets, lawn burn, ect.”

“All of our products are formulated by our own veterinarians and materials/ingredients are natural and sustainably sourced. Private/white labelling is currently highly popular with our growing client list. We want to become the ‘go to’ manufacturer for private label customers within Europe.”

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