Pet Owners

One in five UK pet owners move to keep their pets happy, study finds

Nearly one in five (19%) UK pet owners have moved home to keep their pets happy, according to a new study into the behaviour and attitudes of pet owners by Amazon to celebrate the launch of the Face of Amazon Pets 2019 competition.

According to the poll of 1,500 pet owners across the UK, one in five (20%) confessing to changing holiday plans, one in seven (15%) living with allergies and one in 15 (6%) even changing jobs.

The study also found 60% of people think they should get compassionate leave if their pet dies, one in three (32%) saying people should get ‘peternity’ leave when taking on a new pet and more than half of UK pet owners (55%t) even saying they prefer pets to humans.

Additionally figures show pet owners in the UK spend £41 per month on average on their animal inhabitants, with one in four (23%) spending more on their pet’s grooming needs than their own.

Pets are treated like a member of the family with 15% confessing to having bought an item of fancy dress for their pet, while nearly half (47%) celebrate their pet’s birthday every year, with top activities including buying new toys (64%), baking them a pet-friendly cake (24%). Some 42% of UK pet owners also send birthday cards or presents from their pets to their friends and family.

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