Medivet clients raise £500,000 in support of rhinos

Clients at veterinary group Medivet have made one million donations to raise £500,000 for the Medivet Saving The Rhino campaign with Wilderness Foundation Africa.

Contributions made in the past four years by clients using hit the £500,000 milestone this week. Clients are offered the opportunity to add 50p to their veterinary bill to support the campaign.

The funds raised have played a role in helping to protect rhinos, enabling Wilderness Foundation Africa’s Forever Wild Rhino Protection Initiative to support these critically endangered species across a wide range of activities.

This includes the treatment of poaching attack survivors plus the care and rehabilitation of orphaned baby rhinos. In terms of prevention, two cold scent tracker dogs have been deployed, who work with anti-poaching units, while support has also been provided for intelligence-sharing amongst local law-enforcement agencies.

Funds have also been used to help drive global awareness, provide community services as well as essential field-based veterinary equipment.

Medivet launched its Saving the Rhino campaign in 2015 in partnership with Wilderness Foundation Africa, which is part of a global alliance of charities that aims to protect and connect wilderness, wildlife and people.

John Smithers, senior partner and project co-ordinator for Medivet Saving the Rhino, said: “We could not be more grateful to our clients for all they have done to help the survival of this iconic species. Their incredible generosity – combined with the support of our colleagues and partners – has made a real difference in the fight against poaching and we want to thank our clients for every donation made.”

William Fowlds, a former Medivet employee, added: “This is a truly remarkable milestone and we are overwhelmed by the kindness of Medivet and its clients. The money raised not only helps protect the rhinos but helps bring to justice those responsible for the destruction of these precious and innocent creatures.”

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