Ruffwear launches new autumn/winter range

Dog gear brand, Ruffwear continue to expand and grow the outdoor adventure category with the launch of products designed to enhance outdoor adventures with your dog this Autumn.

The collection includes the redesigned Kibble Kaddie, a travel-friendly dog food carrier with a compact design for easy transport, storage, and dispensing of treats; the redesigned Haul Bag, to keep dog gear organised on the go; the redesigned MT Bachelor Pad, a low-profile, portable bedroll gives dogs a sense of home wherever you go.

The new Climate Changer Pullover Jacket, with open sleeves and a stretch lower panel; the redesigned Fernie Jacket, a performance jumper that is designed for warmth, and the redesigned Climate Changer Jacket, a classic technical fleece with sleeves and a full-length zipper for coverage.

Rob Hughes, managing director of Accapi Group, Ruffwear’s distribution partner across Europe, said: “We see Ruffwear’s new autumn range as a positive step towards encouraging even more dog owners to participate in outdoor adventures together with their dogs, regardless of unpredictable weather.

“The new, redesigned autumn range shows just how far the brand has come in the last 25 years. Ruffwear is known for its quality and performance and we will be launching more products on the 1st October, with new lines that will be even better. The updated pieces like the Haul Bag, Kibble Kaddie and MT.”

He added:“Bachelor Pad continue to allow for amazing adventures with new features and materials to elevate the user’s experience, while the new designs are setting a new standard for Ruffwear in the outdoor adventure market. We’re very much looking forward to introducing more people and dogs to Ruffwear’s products and in opening up the possibility for more outdoor canine adventures.”

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