PDSA issues warning after dog eats 100 slug pellets

Veterinary charity, PDSA has issued a warning about the dangers of slug pellets after a dog mistook 100 toxic slug pellets for a meal.

The dog, named Milo was rushed to the vets for emergency treatment by its owner Zoe Earle, after she noticed it was feeling poorly. Teams from Vets Now and PDSA Southampton were able to rescue Milo after hours of treatment.

Alexandra Banu, a vet at PDSA Southampton, said: “Slug pellets can be fatal in a matter of hours, as they are highly toxic. On Milo’s arrival we were unsure if he would survive, but everyone involved in his care was determined to do everything they could to give him the best chance.”

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The PDSA has warned that slug pellets are “incredibly dangerous” for dogs and that even very small amounts can be fatal. PDSA has told pet owners to try and use pet-safe products in their gardens, and if slug pellets must be used they should be kept out of the reach of dogs, and access should be blocked to any treated areas.

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