Nutraflora ‘success’ leads to larger box sizes

Nutravet has announced it has made its latest product Nutraflora more cost-effective for long term use by introducing larger pack sizes.

Nutraflora was developed by vets for vets to be given as part of their recovery programme for animals undertaking surgery and during convalescence and it is also said to be beneficial to long term gut health.

The company said since launching the product at the London Vet Show last year, it took on feedback from vet practices to increase the pack size.

The introduction of bigger pack sizes of 48 capsules is expected to be more advantageous to clients and veterinary practices as a more cost-effective solution to long term gut health for cats and dogs.

The larger pack offer better value for money for pet owners and veterinarians, with a saving of around 15% compared to the smaller 12 capsule packs.

Developed in the UK, Nutraflora is a veterinary strength probiotic combined with Vitamin B12 and scientifically proven natural ingredients that deliver friendly bacteria, which survives the passage through the stomach and rapidly multiplies in the small intestine.

In easy to administer sprinkle capsules, Nutraflora includes a special strain of natural probiotic bacteria – Enterococcus faecium – together with a prebiotic, natural antioxidants and Vitamin B12 to help maintain healthy gut function, aid the immune system and support convalescence.

Matthew Shaw, managing director of Nutravet said: “Nutraflora has been very successful since its launch at The London Vet Show in 2018, but we’re always looking for ways to improve. We have taken on board feedback from practices and have made the product more advantageous for clients using it for long term gut health.

“We know that our authorised veterinary practices will welcome the new pack sizes, having been fundamental in its development.”

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