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PawSquad launches online veterinary subscription service

PawSquad, provider of telehealth services for pets, has introduced PawSquad Pet Health Club to help improve pet welfare in a cost-effective manner.

PawSquad gives pet owners the ability to get veterinary advice via video link over a mobile phone or tablet from anywhere – 24/7, 365 days a year.

The launch comes following a survey of PawSquad members, in which 50 percent said they use PawSquad to find out if an appointment with a vet is necessary, and 87 percent said it gave them peace of mind to know they had access to a vet when they needed one.

Pet Health Club members benefit from unlimited video calls and text chat with PawSquad vets; personalised pet consultation and health plan, at a discounted rate and discounts on vet recommended pet health products, with free next day delivery.

The subscription service costs just £7 per month, or £70 for the year. Alternatively, pet owners can purchase one-off online vet consultations from £20 each.

Mark Boddy, CEO of PawSquad, said: “Sometimes pet owners simply need reassurance. But it can be a stressful experience visiting a vet, both for pet and owner. This explains why 79 percent of pet owners still resort to Google for advice in the first instance – a worrying trend due to the rafts of incorrect and misleading information available online.

“There is simply no substitute to an appointment with a fully qualified professional who can assess the animal’s individual circumstances. Our subscription-based service offers owners as much or as little access as they like for a small monthly fee, improving pet (and owner) welfare in the process.”

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