Hay Pigs up for national award

Guinea pig accessories firm, Hay Pigs, has announced it has reached the final stage in the SME National Business Awards’ New Business Category.

The company, which launched on World Circus Day in April 2017, was established by Essex-based entrepreneurs, Rik Cridland and his wife, Helen and capitalises on the trend of circuses, especially following the release of blockbuster movie The Greatest Showman.

Rik said: “It seemed strange that guinea pigs had no dedicated section in a pet shop and were simply bundled together with other small animals such as rabbits, hamsters, chinchillas and rats. We noticed that people actually bought products that weren’t even suitable for guinea pigs, simply through bad labelling or a lack of welfare knowledge.

“We were also astounded at how many guinea pigs ended up being ‘surrendered’ to rescue centres, because people were ‘fed-up’ with them or hadn’t expected them to grow so big, or live so long.”

He added: “Creating a brand for guinea pigs seemed like a great opportunity to raise the profile of these small animal pets and their welfare needs, while enhancing and enriching the everyday lives of small furries and their humans.”

The winners of the SME National Business Awards will be announced on 7 December at Wembley Stadium.

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