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Half of Brits pups are overweight, research suggests

Half of British dogs are classified as overweight or obese, according to research from dog activity monitor and wellbeing app PoochPlay.

The research revealed that out of the 2,600 dogs analysed, 49.8 percent were recorded as overweight, with one fifth being classified as obese, ranking a body score of seven or above on the app.

The research also found that a portion of canines in the UK lacked an active lifestyle. Some 48 percent of app users stated their dog was an indoor pet, while 10 percent were recorded as either lazy or sedentary. This is in comparison to 33 percent of dogs who were recorded as active.

Obesity in dogs can lead to serious health issues, including diabetes, joint and bone disorder and cardiovascular problems – shortening their lifespan by up to two years.

Research showed that the vast majority of owners (60 percent) did not know the level of exercise their pet required. The research by PoochPlay aimed to explore areas of dog health and safety, including the weight of the pet and the level of exercise they regularly receive.

Ravi Sharma, CEO and founder of PoochPlay, said: “We want to tackle dog obesity one dog at a time, and hope to educate society on the correct amount of food and exercise their furry friends should be having. Simple changes to their lifestyle can make a huge difference to their life-span, keeping the dog and their owner happy.”

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