Scarsdale Vets hosts free training for veterinary nurses prior to OSCE exams

Scarsdale Vets in Derby has announced it is to hold free training courses in order to help vet nurses successfully complete their Objectively Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs).

The quarterly event will take place at Pride Veterinary Centre on Monday 26 November between 6-8pm. The event will feature six different tasks set up for each nurse to practise, with an extra station for CPR techniques. At each station trainees will be given the chance to see the task being completed by a vet before being offered to have a go themselves.

Michelle Staniforth-Trengove a Veterinary Nurse at Scarsdale Vets said: “Here at Pride Veterinary Centre we are extremely enthusiastic about helping the next generation of vet nurses in their professional development, and one of the ways we try to accomplish this goal is by hosting these OSCE events.

“We recognise how important it is to practice key techniques prior to taking OSCE exams, so we look forward to welcoming lots of vet nurses to Pride for an evening of education and fun.”

OSCEs are practical exams which test several clinical skills all veterinary nurses need to master before qualifying. Upon arrival all attendees will receive a ‘goodie bag’ which will contain tips to accompany the tasks demonstrated at each station.

Attendees will also be offered a tour of Pride Veterinary Centre, which opened in 2011 and is one of the largest veterinary hospitals in Europe. The tour will show prospective employees the facilities, including operating theatres, CT, MRI and x-ray imaging suites, an on-site dispensary, hydrotherapy pool and water treadmill.

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