New children’s toys launched to promote rescuing pets

A new children’s toy has been launched that aims to teach children of the need to rehome and rescue animals.

The Scruff-A-Luv toys, made by South African toy manufacturer Prima Toys will be packaged as “unloved” and “abandoned” fur balls, after children care for the toys they will transform into either a rabbit, dog or cat.

Prima Toys aims to teach children about the importance of rehoming and what pet ownership involves through the new toys which will cost £19.99. Toys will come with their own adoption certificate as well as care products.

Celebrity mother, Nadia Gabriel, said of the toy’s impact: “If this toy can encourage one child to save an animal it will be a success in my eyes but I feel as if this is going to have a much bigger impact than just one animal.”

The toys have managed to whip up huge demand, with UK toy and pet retailers across the country reporting that they have sold out.

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